Tribute To M.M.Ayoob

Team PPECL feels immense pride and is honored in giving tribute to its founding member and ex-Chairman, Mr. Mohammed Moosa Ayoob who passed away on 13th May 2019. He has always have been a great source of guidance and inspiration for all of us.

He was an outstanding professional and a true visionary!

Mr. Ayoob’s contribution in setting standards and in development of the printing and packaging industry is acknowledged within Pakistan by a large fraternity of industry leaders and professionals.

In his more than six decades of successful career in the printing industry he earned the trust, eminence and recognition of all stakeholders.

He was the driving force in development of PPECL as an enterprise that offers high quality printing solutions and services to clients across Pakistan. Team PPECL vividly remembers the words of encouragement and endearment which were shared by him in every challenging situation.

He created an enterprising culture within PPECL and laid down a solid foundation for its continuing growth. He was a great leader and an outstanding professional who believed in leading by example and exemplifying the values of teamwork, initiative, commitment and continuous improvement. His work ethics and vision will continue to guide PPECL going forward and Team PPECL share the great privilege and responsibility of carrying his legacy into the future.

He will always be remembered.

Mohammed Moosa Ayoob.

(1934 – 2019)