One package. For all your packaging needs.​ Short runs.

March 12, 2021

Wasting time on Set ups? Not with our equipment. It automatically sorts the jobs in the most profitable production sequence.

Profitable production of short runs.

The bar in packaging printing is high. Very high, in fact. This is because manufacturers and brand owners are bringing innovations to market ever faster. As a result, brand companies are working with smaller batch sizes and shorter delivery times because of the increasing variety of products on offer.

For packaging printers, this means they have to cover more jobs on demand with shorter runs, but with more variants: from packaging size and different language versions, to different printing processes and finishes. The bottom line is that more complexity has to be mastered within less time, but still keeping margins sound.

The solution from Heidelberg?
Short runs become profitable through faster makeready processes with the help of intelligent assistants and artificial intelligence.